Scrap Metal – 34th Army Band

Formed in 2012, Scrap Metal is one of many ensembles that comprise the Iowa National Guard’s 34th Army Band, and is a prime example of the changing nature of today’s military bands. Scrap Metal is a modern New Orleans style Brass Band that plays a large variety of music, from current pop tunes, to 80s and 90s rock, blues, funk, Ska and riot jazz – there’s really no limit to what they’ll attempt.  While the members of Scrap Metal are part-time soldiers and musicians, their approach to music and level of professionalism is unmatched. They pride themselves on their eclectic music selection, improvisation, and most importantly their fun-loving, high-energy performance. It should be noted that they claim no pride whatsoever in their dance skills.

Saturday, September 15th – 7:30pm